Vintage Street Sign Phrases


Phrase: Beware of the Dog
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These Large Vintage street signs feature a large variety of phrases, from typical Homely quotes to Humorous Phrases.

Beware Of The Dog Dimensions

833mm X 135mm X 26mm

Beware Of The Kids Dimensions:

833mm X 135mm X 26mm

Beware Of The Wife Dimensions

847mm X 135mm X 26mm

Home Is Where The Heart Is

900mm X 135mm X 26mm

You'll Never Walk Alone

880mm X 135mm X 26mm

Mr & Mrs Dimensions

690mm X 135mm X 26mm

Lord & Lady Dimensions

744mm X 135mm X 26mm

The Doghouse Dimensions

650mm X 135mm X 26mm

Man Cave Dimensions

700mm X 135mm X 26mm

Cute But Psycho Dimensions

790mm X 135mm X 26mm

Lets Get Smashed Dimensions

860mm X 135mm X 26mm

Welcome To The Madhouse Dimensions

1033mm X 135mm X 26mm

Coffee time Dimensions

640mm X 135mm X 26mm

Dads Shed Dimensions

750mm X 135mm X 26mm

Gin O'clock Dimensions:

600mm X 135mm X 26mm


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